How To Remove/Block Facebook Ads in Safari

I was playing around with the idea of hiding the ads on my facebook page and did a quick google search to find out the CSS styles. I figured you could use the user stylesheet to hide them. All the results I got on Google didn’t seem to work. So I used the Safari Web Inspector to find the CSS class that was showing the ads and sponsored content.

  1. Create a usercontent.css using TextEdit or NotePad
  2. Add .ego_column { display: none !important; } to the stylesheet
  3. Save the stylesheet in your documents folder
  4. Go to Safari Preferences
  5. Advanced section
  6. Select usercontent.css

It seems to work fine for me, seemed almost to easy. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Opera should all have the ability to add a user stylesheet. This is only for Safari.

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5 Responses to How To Remove/Block Facebook Ads in Safari

  1. Daniel Holm Hansen says:

    Thanks a million! Works like a charm!

  2. Kees de Fouw says:

    Thanks! Perfect solution!

  3. stevew says:

    Thanks. Just searched for this today nov-7-2012 and it is great! Wish there was an IOS fix too.

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