Going 100% Electric with the 2015 Leaf


So after many months of research we made the plunge and bought the Nissan Leaf. The car is 100% electric. No gas, no oil, no heavy maintenance! We picked it up last night from Autoplace Nissan in Buffalo, NY. I couldn’t be happier with the way the transaction went, I feel we got a good deal. It’s a 4 year lease . I wanted a 3 year, but I had to compromise for the monthly price I wanted.

We were able to get the color (Gun Metallic) and the model (SV) we wanted. It did have the the add on LED Headlights, QuickCharge port, Fog Lights and the Splash Guards. Things I really didn’t need, but were already on the car. This was the first 2015 model they got at the dealership. Getting everything you want in a Nissan Leaf is not easy in our area (not a lot of demand.) You can order it, but then the price isn’t guaranteed when it arrives. At least that is what I was told.

At the time of this post we have driven the car about 50 miles. It only had 23 when we left the lot. The interior electronics we are still playing with, but so far, the Bluetooth, Navigation, shifter and the CarWings app are pretty cool. The car is obviously quiet and it drives super smooth.

I plan to install my Bosch Level 2 charger this weekend. More to come.

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