1st time at a Level 2 Charger

First time using a Level 2 (240v) charger. These thing are super easy to use. Swiped my ChargePoint card, plugged it in and walked away. I was able to use the CarWings app to see the charging status, you can also use the ChargePoint app to check the status. The charger is FREE for 3 hours. When I plugged it in around 3:20pm, I was at 36 miles. I unplugged the charger around 4:50pm and was up to 77 miles. So I got around 41 miles for FREE. Later that night I charged the car to 91% (90 miles) with the trickle charger (120v).


At the University at Buffalo I was able to get a ChargePoint card at the parking booth. I just walked over to the parking booth and got one without a problem. I was able to register the ChargePoint card on the website in about 3 minutes.

UB has a nice website showing how they support EV’s. I am hoping one day they will have a QuickCharge station, but what they have now is great.


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