Hello! My name is kristopher miller.
I am a graphic designer/web designer/property manager/husband/father.
This site is a place where I post my work and write about various subjects. Enjoy.

Allentown Pub Crawl 2013

So this is the 9th annual pub crawl we do every year. I did a quick design for the shirts I am printing.


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Perceptions of Support Systems for Tenure Track Librarians

A poster presentation I did for two Librarians here at the UB Libraries. Pretty happy with the way it turned out. Never really done a lot of design work with charts and data before, so this was a nice change. The poster is 30″ x 44″. We had it printed by the Visual Studies program (Big Archival Prints) at the University at Buffalo. They did a really nice job on the print, it looks awesome.


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Improve Contrast in iOS7

While I really like the new features in iOS7, I can’t stand some of the icons. My wife says it looks like a toy phone and I have to agree. The icons are too childish. The nasty green gradients really bug me. I found that in the Accessibility settings you can increase the contrast of the screen. They made the dock icons look a little better.

Go to: Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Increase Contrast

And turn it ON

Here is a screen shot of my home screen with before and after. It does make some of the icons look better in the dock. It looks like the backgrounds are just darkened. Which does seem to help.


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Updated Landscaping at New House

Been spending the last month updating my landscaping at our new house in Williamsville. Cut down five tree and removed about 18 bushes from the front and backyard.



I need to take better pics, since these probably don’t do it justice.

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Remove all FONT tags quickly

I am working on an old library exhibit website that is from 2001, so of course it is filled with <font> tags and a <table> layout structure. I wanted a way to quickly remove all the old dated code so it would be easier to put into our new template. After searching though Google I found I could use a regular expression with find and replace to remove almost anything.


This expression will remove anything that has the “font” name in the brackets. Also used it for <table>, <tbody>, <tr>, <td>, and, <div> tags. This gave me just the <p>, <img>,
<blockquote> and a few other tags to work with.

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Against the Grain now available on the Nook


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Hand tool not working in InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator

Spent an hour (at least it felt like an hour) trying to figure out why the hand tool in InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator stopped working. Finally figured out it was the LastFM scrobbling app. For some reason my preferences screen comes up when I launch it and if I don’t click OK or Cancel the hand tool in all Adobe programs stops working. Weird.

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Against the Grain Ebook

against-the-grainFinally finished my first ebook for Against the Grain: The History of Buffalo’s First Ward. Took me awhile as this was the first one I have tried to code. It was a little time consuming, but was well worth it. Learned a lot about how they work and how I can save time on the next one.

The ebook is currently available on amazon.com and will soon be on the iBook store.

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Tim Bohen Speaking @ UB

Did a quick poster/flyer for Tim Bohen’s speaking engagement at the University at Buffalo. He’ll be speaking about Buffalo’s First Ward and his book, Against the Grain, The History of Buffalo’s First Ward.

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How I Manage and Backup My Content

Managing and backing up your content is something we should all try and do. I was guilty of not backing up my content and thankfully I never had a problem with losing data. I knew it was time though to have something in place incase I had a hard drive fail or something else happen. I also wanted a way in which I could access all my content on all my devices easily. I currently use a MacBook Pro (home), iMac (work), iPhone and an iPad.

Here is what I use for managing and backing up my content:


Dropbox does have a free plan that gives you 2gigs for free of charge. I tried that for a couple months and loved how easy it was to use on all my devices. So I purchased the 100gigs for $99 a year. In my opinion it’s so worth the money. I can access all my photos, graphic work and any other data I have. Dropbox also has a great iOS app that will automatically backup your photos from your device. Which was key for me. Being able to access all my content from my 4 devices was the main reason I went with this system. I know there are other cloud systems out there. But this one worked best for me.

iTunes Match

I was pretty excited when Apple introduced iTunes Match. It allows me store all my music in the cloud for only $25 a year. The matching functionality was also nice. Uploading all my music to a Google Music account would have been a pain. I can access all my music from all my devices so easily. I have about 60gigs worth of music so the $25 seemed like a good deal to me for the size.


I use iCloud to store all my contacts, calendars, and backup my apps. I didn’t see the point in buying a larger account for photos since I use Dropbox. I also hooked up my wife’s iPhone to backup her photos to my Dropbox account. So now I have easy access to all her photos.

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