Hello! My name is kristopher miller.
I am a graphic designer/web designer/property manager/husband/father.
This site is a place where I post my work and write about various subjects. Enjoy.

Tim Bohen Speaking @ UB

Did a quick poster/flyer for Tim Bohen’s speaking engagement at the University at Buffalo. He’ll be speaking about Buffalo’s First Ward and his book, Against the Grain, The History of Buffalo’s First Ward.

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How I Manage and Backup My Content

Managing and backing up your content is something we should all try and do. I was guilty of not backing up my content and thankfully I never had a problem with losing data. I knew it was time though to have something in place incase I had a hard drive fail or something else happen. I also wanted a way in which I could access all my content on all my devices easily. I currently use a MacBook Pro (home), iMac (work), iPhone and an iPad.

Here is what I use for managing and backing up my content:


Dropbox does have a free plan that gives you 2gigs for free of charge. I tried that for a couple months and loved how easy it was to use on all my devices. So I purchased the 100gigs for $99 a year. In my opinion it’s so worth the money. I can access all my photos, graphic work and any other data I have. Dropbox also has a great iOS app that will automatically backup your photos from your device. Which was key for me. Being able to access all my content from my 4 devices was the main reason I went with this system. I know there are other cloud systems out there. But this one worked best for me.

iTunes Match

I was pretty excited when Apple introduced iTunes Match. It allows me store all my music in the cloud for only $25 a year. The matching functionality was also nice. Uploading all my music to a Google Music account would have been a pain. I can access all my music from all my devices so easily. I have about 60gigs worth of music so the $25 seemed like a good deal to me for the size.


I use iCloud to store all my contacts, calendars, and backup my apps. I didn’t see the point in buying a larger account for photos since I use Dropbox. I also hooked up my wife’s iPhone to backup her photos to my Dropbox account. So now I have easy access to all her photos.

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48 Good Films Poster

Did a quick 32″ x 40″ poster design for the new 48 Good Films project here in the UB Libraries.

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Against the Grain Book Layout

I recently finished the design for Tim Bohen’s book, Against the Grain – The History of Buffalo’s First Ward. Tim has been writing this book for over 5 years now and working with him on this project was awesome. He was very open to ideas and the process was seamless. It’s easily one of my favorite projects I have worked on. The book turned out great and Tim has gotten a great response from the community.

The book is available for purchase on his website, which I also designed.

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New Library Store Design…

Working on getting this design coded and up. I am putting the design into WordPress and will link up with smugmug.com for the payment handling.

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Lime Lake Cottage website

My mother-in-law has decided to rent her cottage while she is not using it, so she asked me to do a website for her. Since I was pressed for time, I decided to use a template from Themeforest. I just wanted a simple one page site so it would be easy to update. I also wanted to have an availability calendar that she could update easily. I found a simple PHP calendar script with a nice backend. It was easy to customize and works great.

While I would have preferred to have designed the site without a template, my time is somewhat limited right now with other freelance projects. I still think the site came out nice.

View the site

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Time keeps flying by…

I think I am still in awe that my daughter has turned 2. My wife and I decided to make a cake we saw on Pinterest. While I think it came out nice, we will be buying a cake for her next birthday. haha.

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Flying Bison Kolsch 716

Flying Bison put out a great new brew. Kolsch 716.


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Buffalo Outdoors Meetup T-shirt Design

I did this design for my fathers Buffalo Outdoors Meetup Group. They ordered t-shirts, women’s tank tops and hoodies for their members. It’s a simple design with a worn look that has a font that looks like it was stitched on. I think it worked for what the group is about. I sent my design to https://ragetees.co.uk to be printed and I think they turned out great, I took one home for myself. From the feedback I got from my dad, his whole group loved them. I will even be working on a design for one of them, which I hope to share with you guys soon too.

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Gustave Doré Digital Collection

Gustave Doré (1832-1883) was a French artist from the 19th-century. I have been working on digitizing some of his illustrations from our Rare & Special Books Collection at the University at Buffalo Libraries. We have about 55 pre-1923 books that feature Gustave Doré’s illustrations.

So far I have done two books, Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven (1884) and Tom Hood’s Fairy Realm (1865). While they are currently only a digital collection, I plan on having them available for purchase in our library store soon. I also plan on adding Coleridge’s Rime of the Ancient Mariner (1876), and Milton’s Paradise Lost (1885), among others.

View the digital collection!