Hello! My name is kristopher miller.
I am a graphic designer/web designer/screen printer/property manager/husband/father.
This site is a place where I post my work and write about various subjects. Enjoy.

Vidler’s and Elm Street Bakery (Bucket List)

We made our way to Vidler’s 5 and 10 this afternoon. Place was filled with all kinds of toys, crafts, decorations, etc. Abigal was pretty excited by all the toys. Bridget and I also saw some things that made us say “oh I remember these!” haha.

After Vidler’s we headed over to the Elm Street Bakery for some lunch and tasty baked goods. While Elm Street Bakery wasn’t on our Bucket List, it probably should have been. Very tasty.


Riley’s coonskin cap.


Does anyone else remember these? I almost bought one.


Abigal checking out all the bath toys.

Elm Street Bakery


Riley @ Elm Street Bakery


Abigal @ Elm Street Bakery enjoying her PB&J.

See our progress on the Buffalo Bucket List (Kids Edition)



Parkside Candy and Lake Effect Diner (Bucket List)

As part of our family bucket list we visited Parkside Candy and ate at the Lake Effect Diner. Parkside Candy was really cool inside. We bought about $35 worth of candy, so Abigal was pretty excited.

The Lake Effect diner had awesome food and great service. The kids really enjoyed the Mickey Mouse pancakes.


Parkside Candy when you walk in


Abigal checking out the lollipop selection


Mickey Mouse pancakes at Lake Effect Diner

See our progress on the Buffalo Bucket List (Kids Edition)

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H.H. Richardson Complex Print

I finally got my letterpress print of the H. H. Richardson Complex matted and framed. Really like the way it turned out. Well worth the money for the print. Bridget and I have been looking for a nice print of this building for awhile. This one is perfect.

2014-03-05 19.00.09

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Gustave Doré illustrations of Purgatory and Paradise

I’ve added 60 plates from Dante Alighieri’s Purgatory and Paradise to the Gustave Doré Illustrations Collection. Gustave Doré (1832-1883) was a French artist from the 19th-century.

View the digital collection


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Delivery+ Stickers

We have a service here in the UB Libraries called Delivery+ that delivers books and other materials to the departments of faculty, staff and students (students can pick up their materials at the circulation desk).  From a communication perspective I really wanted to make the patron aware that the UB Libraries got this material for them. I thought a sticker on the brown wrapped paper would do great for letting the patron know “We got this material for you”. The tagline was thought up by the Libraries Communication Officer, Kathleen Quinlivan. I really think these work. We ordered the stickers from Jakprints.com.


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Empire Shared Collection Logo & Website

I recently finished a website for a project called the Empire Shared Collection. Libraries from multiple library sectors in Western New York have worked together to develop a regional collaborative “last copy” print repository – the Empire Shared Collection Repository (ESCR) – that provides continuing access to a shared collection of seldom-used serial-type materials. The design is a simple one page layout that is responsive. A logo was also done for this project.

The site is not currently live but can be viewed on the staging server.


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Holiday Broadside featuring Robert Frost

Holiday Braodside I designed for the University at Buffalo Libraries Poetry Collection. The image is by J. J. Lankes. The interior features a poem, “Carpe Diem”, by Robert Frost.


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Allentown Pub Crawl 2013

So this is the 9th annual pub crawl we do every year. I did a quick design for the shirts I am printing.


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Perceptions of Support Systems for Tenure Track Librarians

A poster presentation I did for two Librarians here at the UB Libraries. Pretty happy with the way it turned out. Never really done a lot of design work with charts and data before, so this was a nice change. The poster is 30″ x 44″. We had it printed by the Visual Studies program (Big Archival Prints) at the University at Buffalo. They did a really nice job on the print, it looks awesome.


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Improve Contrast in iOS7

While I really like the new features in iOS7, I can’t stand some of the icons. My wife says it looks like a toy phone and I have to agree. The icons are too childish. The nasty green gradients really bug me. I found that in the Accessibility settings you can increase the contrast of the screen. They made the dock icons look a little better.

Go to: Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Increase Contrast

And turn it ON

Here is a screen shot of my home screen with before and after. It does make some of the icons look better in the dock. It looks like the backgrounds are just darkened. Which does seem to help.


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